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Customised units

  • Our “custom builds” refer to a completely customised unit, not any floor plans or finishes. This allows you complete control and customisation outside of the confines of a floor plan, and personal choice when it comes to the finishes you require.
  • Our team draw up a concept plan that meets each of your requirements, running it past you to ensure it is an accurate representation of your vision. Our custom plan will allow you to visualise the end result, complete with all the unique dimensions and custom fittings you require.
  • Customisation allows you to modify the shape, size, layout and finishes to your exact specifications, outside of our normal inclusions. This allows you to create a truly versatile space that meets all your needs, whether you are using your granny flat as a guest house or as an additionally dwelling for a dependent loved one. Opting for a customised unit also allows you to have greater pride in your new granny flat, as it will be uniquely yours and encapsulate your personality.
  • Customisation doesn’t just apply to the layout and size of your unit – we also offer a range of customised fixtures and fittings, including tiles, kitchen, flooring and cabinetry. This allows you to match your unit to your personal aesthetic, be it country-style, contemporary, minimalist or anything in between. If you are building your unit to house an elderly relative or wish to future-proof the unit for yourself, customisation will allow you to add easy-to-use handles, grab bars and other features that will make the unit safer and more comfortable to live in.
  • By opting for a customised unit, you can make your vision come to life, complete with all the unique features and personal style you’ve always wanted. Make sure your needs are fully met by speaking to Superior Granny Flats about our customised units!
  • We have the skills and expertise to assist you throughout the entire process, from designing your dream unit to installing it.

Other Information

  • Family owned and operated business
  • All Australian made and produced
  • Master Builders VIC & QLD
  • Government tender/contract builders

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