Since 1990, We sell in QLD and VIC
Since 1990, We sell in QLD and VIC
Since 1990, We sell in QLD and VIC

We build 250+ units Every year for over 1000 Trusting Australians
We build 250+ units Every year for over 1000 Trusting Australians
100% Australian Made material + supporting local business (no imported goods) and Family Owned-Operated Company
Since 1990, We sell in QLD and VIC
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With the increasing number of people working form home, a great solution is a Superior home office.

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Since 1990, We sell in QLD and VIC
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Looking into second small homes? Victorian residents are in expert hands.


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Superior Granny Flats and Sleepouts, market leaders in design and quality, offer outstanding value achieved by high turnover and purchasing power...

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    We offer versatility and any internal design.
    We also offer proven designs with 2 and 3 bedroom layouts.


    At Superior Granny Flats, our team is dedicated to providing just that; a superior range of modern granny flats. With a factory and showroom in Bayswater, Victoria, and offices in Underwood, Queensland, we are able to provide our luxury granny flat services along the entire east coast. We work extensively on the Gold Coast, and in Brisbane, as Australians continue to flock to these granny flat homes that balance opportunity and lifestyle. If you would like to find out more about granny flat solutions in another part of Australia, then please get in touch with our team to discuss the options for having a prefab granny flat from Melbourne delivered to you. With certification in three states (Queensland Building and Construction Commission, Victorian Building Authority, New South Wales Government Fair Trading) we have become the trusted custom and pre built granny flat providers Australians can turn to. We build granny flats in Melbourne and maintain strong interstate relationships to ensure that our interstate services are not just an add-on, but an integral part of our business. This has led to Superior Granny Flats becoming the market leader in Northern New South Wales and Queensland when it comes to granny flat homes as primary dwellings, using a small granny flat as an investment unit, or a custom built granny flat that can be adapted to provide ideal secondary dwellings for larger families. Superior Granny Flats offers cheap portable granny flats, temporary housing options, and unmatched advice. Our experts can assist in customising our one, two, or three bedroom granny flat floor plans in our Melbourne factory to your specifications. To find out more about the custom and prefabricated granny flat options available to you, feel free to contact the Superior Granny Flats team, and learn why we are known for providing kit homes that take their place amongst the best granny flats in Australia.


    Since 1990, Superior Granny Flats have been Australia’s choice for reliable backyard office and granny flat builders. Melbourne based, with the capacity to send teams interstate for consultation and construction, you will find outstanding value for money when you choose us for your granny flat construction. Rather than setting out to build cheap granny flats, we strive to deliver outstanding value. The continuing popularity of our granny flat kits in Melbourne and beyond gives us the superior purchasing power and efficient turnover that allows us to offer our high quality granny flats in Victoria at prices that you can afford. There’s no room for error, as we build over 150 units each year. We design and make our relocatable granny flats in Melbourne before arranging for the flat pack homes to be delivered to their destination and assembled on site. Access is never a problem, because we design and manufacture our home office sheds and granny flats in Melbourne before delivering them as flat pack prefab constructions to their destinations. Most of our modern granny flats designs offer accommodation within the backyard of an existing dwelling, making it very difficult when granny flat builders try to bring a fully constructed granny flat into a backyard where there is limited side access. Flat pack construction combined with the skill of an experienced team mean that you can have a relocatable, custom built granny flat in your backyard sooner. We are the dedicated granny flats builders Australians turn to more often, because we can provide everything from a small backyard retreat, to sturdy, temporary housing units, and you know that the Superior Granny Flats team will always work to find the right unit for your needs and the available space. Our range of relocatable homes give you flexibility and choice, so that we can supply the solutions our customers need.


    Interested in building a granny flat? Relocatable and versatile, our modern colorbond granny flat designs are an ideal alternative to traditional housing. Superior Granny Flats specialise in building garden office pods and granny flats, and will work with you through the entire process, from concept to actualisation. Our custom granny flats are created to suit your needs, and are designed to appease your concerns about the cost of building a granny flat. Because relocatable homes and backyard bungalows can be thought of as temporary structures, many people start their search looking for cheap granny flats. Our Melbourne team takes a different approach. We manufacture using a range of granny flat designs, so Melbourne homeowners and interstate customers alike can find a quality unit that suits their budget. For cheap granny flats in Victoria, talk to our team today! We offer you transparent pricing options, so that you never need to worry about hidden fees or unexpected budget blowouts.


    With over three decades of experience, and with our granny flats for sale in Melbourne, Brisbane, and available to the rest of Australia as well, you know that all our designs for granny flats in the range have been well tested for practicality and comfort. In addition to the variations available for these standard designs, we also offer you the option to design your own outdoor office sheds and custom granny flat. Modern or vintage, we can design your home to your own taste. Our team will draw up a concept plan for your approval, incorporating all of your ideas for shape, space, and layout. You may choose the custom built granny flat option because you want to design a home that perfectly complements and adds value to your home, or you may choose customisation due to accessibility requirements that are not considered in the run-of-the-mill granny flats for sale in Victoria. For the best granny flat designs, Superior Granny Flats has you covered. If you are interested in a granny flat in Victoria, contact us via phone or visit our Bayswater factory to view our display granny flats.
    Article of Interest

    Article of Interest

    Granny Flats:A Cheap Housing Solution?

    Granny flats could become a major source of cheap housing in Victoria, with the Andrews government to consider changes to strict rules preventing small backyard homes being rented out.

    Victoria has some of the toughest regulations on granny flats in the nation.

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