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Backyard Bungalow

A backyard bungalow is a highly versatile investment to add to your home. Backyard bungalows can be used as a studio, home office, guest house or as a backyard granny flat to house dependent loved ones. These compact buildings can be tailored to your needs, and all at an affordable price. If you have wanted to get more out of your property, adding a backyard bungalow can be a perfect way to do so. Whether you go for a prefabricated option or a custom-design, Superior Granny Flats’ backyard bungalow options are sure to please.

Backyard Cabins

A backyard cabin can be the perfect retreat for you, while just metres away from your home. Whether you want somewhere to relax, read, do some work, host guests or turn into a kids’ cubby house, backyard cabins can be modified to suit all compact needs. Backyard cabins make for a dreamy getaway: whether you want to build one next to the pool or want it to be a place to relax on the daybed, Superior Granny Flats will ensure your wishes are met.

Bungalows Melbourne

Bungalows make for a perfect home, especially for retirees. With its low floors and compact form, retirees are big fans of our range of bungalows in Melbourne. Our Melbourne bungalows can be used as a home or guesthouse, ensuring a cosy and comfortable experience. Bungalows are a classic look, not something that is just trendy at the current moment, meaning your investment will always stay viable and relevant. Whether you want to build a bungalow next to your main dwelling for a dependent relative to live in, or want to have a bungalow as your primary place of residence, Superior Granny Flats can work with you to get your desired result.

Backyard Granny Flats

Backyard granny flats are an ideal way to house dependent family members, allowing both parties to retain their personal privacy and freedom, while staying comfortably close to family. Backyard granny flats were once known to be unfashionable and undesirable residences. Superior Granny Flats, however, understand the art of designing backyard granny flats, providing beautiful prefab homes but also being able to meet your custom needs. Call us today to discuss our range of backyard granny flats, cabins and bungalows in Melbourne.


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