Queensland Property Investment
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Queensland Property Investment

Low entry cost high yielding Investment

Superior Granny Flats is the market leader in Queensland and Northern NSW when it comes to Granny Flats, Secondary Dwellings, Investment Units and Primary Dwellings.

We have helped more than 200 investors in the last 5 years to maximise rental returns on their investment properties, with the majority becoming positively geared and enabling clients to reap these rewards and re-invest in another project.

Many of our clients have multiple properties, working towards financial security and an early and comfortable retirement with passive income from their real estate investments.

Please contact us for any advice needed for potential secondary dwelling investment.

What is a Granny Flat/Secondary Dwelling?

A granny flat/secondary dwelling normally consists of a living area, bathroom, kitchen and 1 or 2 bedrooms. These can be built for family members to use or as an investment to be rented out.

Can a Granny Flat/Secondary Dwelling be leased out in Queensland?

Yes, depending on council requirements. We are familiar with all regulations and can supply advice on preferred areas for investment.

Why a Granny Flat/Secondary Dwelling is a great Investment?

Granny Flat/Secondary Dwellings are a very cost effective investment as no extra land purchase is needed, no stamp duty or subdivision costs required and in most cases council development approval is also not required, making it a very low cost property investment that traditionally returning up to 15% on granny flat alone and 6-8% on total property purchase and granny flat.

At Superior Granny Flats we liaise with experts in property investment analysis supplying advice on buyer’s agents, property investment, finance and debt management.

Please click on link for these services – www.australiancapitalproperty.com.au

No Hidden Costs

At Superior Granny Flats all pricing is transparent with no hidden or built in referral fees, as some agents and investment companies apply to advice given in regard to preferred professionals and companies to assist in purchase and build process.

Other Information

  • Family owned and operated business
  • All Australian made and produced
  • Master Builders VIC & QLD
  • Government tender/contract builders


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